Marea Saldarriaga
Strategic Design and Innovation practitioner.

I actively support designers with strategic thinking and business people with creative input.  My solutions are designed in close collaboration with clients and customers and based on my extensive industry knowledge and in-depth design expertise. I enjoy collaborating in projects that create a positive impact for both clients and our planet.

Have envisioned, coordinated and delivered professional development seminars, workshops and sprints on various topics (Branding, Design Thinking, Design and foresight, Innovation, Problem Framing, Project Management, Service Design etc.)   
Over the past 20 years I have consulted for various international firms and lectured in schools worldwide with an active contribution to the Design industry with research and publications. 

Please take a look at my portfolio for a snapshot of some strategic projects I have collaborated on so far, and do get in touch if you feel that I could help you or your organization better prepare for the future.
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